The 15th International Conference on Agile Software Development is a leading conference on agile methods in software and information systems development. XP2014 will be located in Rome, Italy. This conference brings together industrial practitioners and researchers in the fields of information systems and software development, and examines latest theory, practical applications, and implications of agile and lean methods. XP2014 will bring together research and practitioners by building a multi-disciplinary platform for research and practice on various aspects of agile methods.


  • Continue to provide a varied program that attracts both practitioners and researchers.
  • Increase interaction and collaboration between practitioners and researchers.
  • Discuss and rethink the relationships, synergies, compatibilities and incompatibilities between agile and lean practices.

XP2014 encourages submissions of research papers, workshops, experience reports, posters, tutorials, PhD symposium papers, and lightning talks, an opportunity to share important ideas or experiences in ten minute slots. Lively presentations on high-quality research, deep experience, innovative approaches and interactive formats are particularly appreciated.